Monday, March 12, 2012

Prezi sucks... ?

When looking for Prezi stuff online I came across this:

Weird link to post on here, I know, but the guy has a point. I agree with him to the point that you should always be careful on how to use the tools you have. Use them to heighten the ideas you have, not smother them with visual (or audio) garbage.

And, to put it in the words of Dieter Nuhr, a famous German comedian:
Wenn man keine Anhnung hat: einfach mal fresse halten!
Loosely translated: If you don't have a clue, STFU! (Hey, that even rhymes!)

1st Prezi

Follow this link to my first ever Prezi. This took me about 15 minutes to make.

My first impression: fairly easy to use to get some results, harder to get good results. And I don't know whether you don't get tired of the constant scrolling at some point. Time will tell.

Baby Steps

My last Blog hast come to a more or less complete stop due to my change in career. A bit of a bummer, since I was really enjoying writing it. And I am missing it.

Then I heard in a meeting today that we will be using Prezi as our new way of giving presentations. I took one look at it and thought: Wow cool! Way better than the standard office versions (OO, Libre, MS, you name it...) Then I took a second look and thought: But wait a minute! This might look cool, but it's just as easy to make bad presentations in this than in the other packages.

So I decided that I would document my learning curve just as I have done with Revit and maybe, just maybe, other people will find my thoughts interesting enough to read them here.

So, here goes...